Tuesday, 9 February 2010

FILM: The Nasty Girl

When I am in the right mood I like to watch a film with a message of some sort.
I watched a good German film on dvd the other day: "The Nasty Girl" by Michael Verhoeven. A student wins an essay competition and then decides to do a project on her town during the War. Contrary to the accepted version of events she uncovers all sorts of Nazi collaboration that took place by various respected, and surviving authority figures. As she gets closer to the real history she encounters censorship and personal threats, but is undeterred.
Eventually she gains national recognition for her work. There is a great scene towards the end where she is honoured by the Town for her efforts, but rejects the prize as patronising, and as an attempt to buy her off.
Prizegiving of this kind happens so often in life, and only a few have the resolve to reject such patronage. Oscars, Grammys, Brit Awards, medals and memorials...don't they all make you want to ask for FUCK YOU ALL to be engraved on your tombstone?

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